Exploring the Versatility of Waterhog Diamond Mats in Various Industries

Waterhog Mats are one of the most sought-after commercial floor mats, often featuring company logos for easy identification. Their scraper arms effectively scrape shoes while trapping dirt and moisture at source to stop it from spreading throughout your facility.

These mats are ideal for high traffic areas and feature an innovative ridged surface to wipe and scrape shoes clean while the raised rubber water dam border keeps dirt and moisture contained within the mat, plus an attractive fabric border.

Waterhog Classic and Fashion Mats are ideal for commercial applications requiring heavy-duty performance, featuring durable rubber backs with either cleated or smooth backing for efficient scraping action. Both types allow the mat to be placed over carpeted floors as well as hard surfaces like tile.

These mats are handcrafted in the US using recycled materials and craftsmanship. Constructed of environmentally safe SBR rubber made up of 15-20% post consumer recycled car tire rubber and 100% PET polyester fiber from recycled soda bottles, each square foot of these mats saves 4 half-liter plastic bottles from landfill.

Personalize your entrance mats with monogrammed Waterhog mats from Waterhog! Not only do these attractive entrance mats boast dirt-trapping capabilities like their Classic counterparts, but they can also feature your company name or logo printed digitally for maximum impact! Perfect for welcoming customers into your business while upholding professional environments while showing commitment to cleanliness and hygiene, these monogrammed Waterhog mats add a personal touch!

Waterhog mats are not only effective at collecting dirt and moisture from shoes, they’re also easy to keep clean. These antistatic mold- and mildew-resistant mats can be cleaned using traditional methods that are safe for carpet – such as vacuuming or hot water extraction – but solvents may be used if necessary, although these should always be rinsed off carefully prior to returning the mat into service.

WaterHog Fashion Diamond Floor Mats from Andersen feature a gorgeous designer fabric border and are available with either rubber or cleated commercial rubber backing for optimal performance. Their unique ridged construction captures dirt and moisture beneath shoe level while rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing for optimal long-term performance of an entrance mat.

For an elegantly personalized touch, consider the Waterhog Inlay Logo Indoor Outdoor Mat 35×142 inches from Greatmats, which allows you to personalize its surface with your own designs or choose from over 19 colors available from their library. WaterHog Diamond mat is designed to catch debris while simultaneously absorbing and containing up to 1.5 gallons per square yard of liquids – ideal for any climate!

Waterhog mats are well-known for their ability to stop dirt and moisture from reaching your entranceway, providing an essential service to businesses that value cleanliness, professionalism and safety – including industrial settings, retail stores, restaurants as well as hospitals. Waterhog mats come standard with either rubber or fabric borders for maximum functionality on carpeted or hard indoor surfaces.

Anti-static, solution dyed 24 oz/sq yd nylon face mat featuring a diamond pattern and designer fabric border for anti-static usage. Featuring unique ridged construction that wipes shoes clean while trapping dirt and moisture below shoe level to keep it off your carpet and flooring surfaces. Rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile crushing in high traffic areas for consistent appearance and longer mat life.

Waterhog mats have become an invaluable addition to healthcare facilities, helping reduce cleaning labor, protect floors and lessen slip and fall accidents. Available in an array of colors and sizes to meet any design scheme imaginable, Waterhog mats can be found installed anywhere from hospitals, doctor’s offices, dentists’ offices, clinics and other healthcare institutions.

Waterhog Mats’ innovative bi-level construction provides a safe surface that wipes and scrapes shoes to trap any dirt, keeping floors tidy, dry, and safe for everyone to use. You can easily keep up with routine cleaning by vacuuming or hosing down these mats if any dirt and moisture build-up accumulates over time.

The Waterhog Classic Diamond Mat is constructed of rugged rubber and vinyl surfaces for stain resistance and durability, including its diamond ridge surface pattern which quickly scrapes away dirt from shoe soles while its exclusive raised rubber water dam border helps contain it to the mat to reduce slip-and-fall risks. It even comes complete with its own raised rubber water dam border to help manage moisture within it for improved slip and fall prevention.

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